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Our mission at sensual over 60 is to support, encourage, and inspire women of a “certain age” to empower themselves to see and feel the sensual beauty that is within them. To assist women to own their sassy power of the feminine Goddess that is their innate rite. We want women of a mature age to reclaim the vibrancy of her still youthful self and to reignite the flame of desire to live a life full of joy and vivaciousness. Living life on her terms unapologetically.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic, powerful, and co-creative relationship between a coach and client to set goals and solve problems through a process of communication. This relationship is focused entirely on moving the client forward to where they say they want to go. Through intuitive questioning, the coach provides guidance and direction. The responses to these questions will help the client to decide on action steps that will move them forward toward their goals. Coaches guide their clients to their own solutions.

This is, as most all things are, an inside job. Coaching brings the benefit of understanding to who the client is authentically. A coach is also an accountability partner for the client, by holding them accountable to the action steps that they have designed for themselves to accomplish their own growth with frequent “check-ins.”

Coaching is not THERAPY! Coaching is an art not a science. Although it brings a vast awareness of who the client is, it is always brought forth by the client.
Everyone can use a mentor and can benefit from coaching — no matter where they are in their journey. A person’s life experience may not be now what they believe to be its best in some areas, and yet could use support in some others. There is always room to enhance what they already have!

I work with heart-centered people ready and willing to make a change in their lives. So if you would like to see the true value in coaching, contact me for a complimentary sample session.

Is Personal Development Coaching for You?

Answer the following questionnaire and see.

– Have you had the same style and image for yourself for too long and are ready for a change?

– Don’t you just wish you LOVED what you were doing for a living?

– Do you long for boundless energy, but can’t get off the couch after dinner?

– Are you around 60 + years young, and would like to answer the age old question “what do I want to be/do with my life now?”

– Are there areas of your life that you just feel blocked or stagnant in, but you just don’t know how to move yourself?

– Have any of these questions peeked your interest?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, or have similar questions of your own, then personal development coaching may be right for you. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary sample coaching session with me and learn the benefits of what Personal Development Coaching can offer you.

Karen Drosnes
CTA Certified

About Me

Karen Drosnes is a self-proclaimed Goddess. She has studied, received certifications, and works as a Lifestyle Coach, Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki II Practitioner. Karen lives in south jersey and enjoys socializing with her family and friends. She is passionate about encouraging other women to live life from their Goddess-Self. She loves to learn about anything Spiritual. Karen is a huge animal lover and is considered to be a real fashionista. She is an Empath at heart and would love to see a world where there is fair justice for all living beings.


“Sometimes the timing is right and a person comes into your life and helps you change it for the better. Karen’s aura is light and airy, but her words get into the core of your being and are lasting. I look forward to working with this Goddess more in the future and making more positive strives in my life.”

-Chrissy P

“At a very low time in my life when I felt completely lost, after having lost both of my parents, my job, and going through the dissolution of my marriage, all while trying to hold it together for the sake of my two kids, my guardian angels sent me Karen. I’ve referred to her time and time again as my “Fairy Godmother”, aka Coach. She not only allowed me to see myself in a new light, instilling more self-confidence in me, but she was able to guide me into executing a tangible plan on how I could turn my adversity into opportunity. Her coaching made me see myself as an asset and gave me the hope I needed to push forward and thrive in both my career and at home.” 
-Andrea W. 

I am so grateful for my experience with Karen. She was able to almost immediately pinpoint hidden motives within myself that were sabotaging my ability to see things clearly. I felt totally safe to be open and vulnerable to express my feelings and fears. Her no nonsense advice was the medicine I needed. She certainly has a gift for helping people and Im glad I made the choice to work with her.
Richard Gregory Parkes.

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